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Cee Major - 10000 Hours
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There aren’t many artists in Don’t Flop whose music excites the masses like Cee Major.  Between his battles, his mixtapes and freestyle sessions on channels like SBTV, the London emcee never disappoints.

For an underground artist, the expectations on Cee’s shoulders are almost unduly high. Or they would bem if he didn’t meet them so consistently.

Cee’s latest album, 10000 Hours, is no exception. His vocals are clearer than ever before, and his lyricism remains on the next level. Without a single guest appearance in sight, Cee carries the album from start-to-finish. It’s a move that makes more sense for Cee Major than most, as his principles and vision are clear enough that they’re better off uncorrupted. Cee’s honesty, passion and drive permeates virtually every single one of the 13 tracks.

Photo taken by Darren Johnson www.idjphotography.com
Photo taken by Darren Johnson www.idjphotography.com

While the quality never lets up, 3 Minutes is a highlight. It’s a dose of real talk from a real dude whose honesty shines through in each line. Cee’s vocals are somehow drowsy and determined all at once – this kind of track was made for clearing your head.

Tracks like It’s Over and I Changed take Cee out of his comfort zone. The multi-syllabics that open the latter track are gripping, and a stark contrast with the surprisingly soothing croon of the chorus sung by the man himself.  I Changed is perhaps the clearest microcosm of the album in total. The track clocks in at just under three minutes, and yet Cee says more in that time than some mainstream artists can articulate across whole albums.

Photo taken by David Hewitt
Photo taken by David Hewitt

Where most rappers balk at the idea that they’ve changed over the course of their careers, Cee confronts the trope head on – proving that his mind is always at work.  “They’re like no lie, no lie I thought you kind of change. I’m like “S’alright… Who wants to spend their whole life doing shit the same?”

Cee Major has stuck to a winning formula, but refuses to stagnate. This album is exactly what you’d expect from Cee Major – and he’s taught us to expect greatness.

Written by Carl Kinsella


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