Eurgh Clears Up The Confusion Over 8BW Tickets & Line-up

We just hit £2500 on Indigogo! That’s 10% of our total goal reached, made up of kind donations from 33 of you. This is amazing news and its great to see the people engage with our ideas. We meticulously drafted and redrafted the pitch but unfortunately there’s still been some confusion surrounding the campaign so I’ll […]

Important Announcement

As many of our supporters have noticed, today the Don’t Flop YouTube account has been terminated without warning. We have been carefully dealing with the issue of a former employee submitting numerous fake copyright claims for a long period of time now, as we suspected that if left unresolved it may result in account termination. […]

#FridayFeatured – 7 Reasons Why I Loved Raptor Vs Lady Shocker

It’s #FridayFeatured time again. This brand new weekly feature highlights the staff team’s favorite battle of the week. Eurgh has stepped up this week and Raptor Vs Lady Shocker takes the spot. Let us know what you thought too! Raptor’s Character The image of Raptor, the battle MC, is comprised of rapid-fire multi-syllables, a thick […]

What Happened In 2013, And What Should Happen In 2014: Fans, Battlers, and Everything In Between

Don’t Flop fans are a complicated bunch. They compete with each other over who can have the cruellest put down to a battler on Facebook or the Forum, yet watch every single one of their uploads religiously. Their thirst for American performers is insatiable, yet they react most to anti-American Battle Culture bars. They are […]