Bilzar Vs Zen | Don’t Flop Grime Clash

Posted 24th August 2016 (3 days ago) by Callum Martin

The first upload from our ‘Beat Fighter 2’ event for the On-Beat title, featuring London rapper Bilzar, going up against Leeds veteran Zen. The FANS decide who goes through to the next round so please be sure to leave your vote at the end of the clash.

Oshea & Bloodstro Vs Willzy

Posted 10th August 2016 (3 weeks ago) by Callum Martin

The most recent upload from our ‘Revival 5’ event featuring Ex-Don’t Flop Champion, Oshea, and Bloodstro, who’s tryout Vs Lunar C recently reached 1,000,000 views; go up against 2013 crop member, Willzy, in a 2-on-1!