Tony D vs Shox The Rebel

Posted 10th November 2016 by Bren Hodrien

The main event from Don’t Flop Training Days ‘Next In Line’ event. The former Don’t Flop champion against a contender for the title! Buy tickets for Tony D against Pat Stay in Leeds here.

Big J Vs Juan

Posted 1st October 2016 by Don't Flop

Co-main event upload from Sunburn 3 featuring Don’t Flop 2012 Killer Crop, Big J, going up against Top 8 Winner of 2014, Juan.

P Solja Vs Lady Shocker

Posted 21st September 2016 by Don't Flop

Leeds veteran, P Solja and London femcee, Lady Shocker face off in a Grime Clash for our annual Sunburn event. Who do you think won? Let us know at the end of the video on the YouTube poll!

Tali Vs Pedro

Posted 17th September 2016 by Don't Flop

Tali returns to Don’t Flop to battle fan favourite Pedro at the annual Sunburn event in London. Who do you think won this battle? Vote using the YouTube poll!