BAD BARS 8: Rizzle Kicks, Lunar C, Bagnall and Heretic Break Down Rap Music’s Most Hilariously Awful Lyrics

Since its inception in 2014, Bad Bars has been a beloved voice of reason speaking out against battle rap’s most preposterous lyrics. With Bad Bars 8, Bagnall and co. have taken a diversion and cast their critical eyes over bad bars from industry rappers who have made millions in the mainstream by offering such pearls […]

The Best Of Soul: Power-Ranking The Champ’s Top 10 Don’t Flop Performances

Soul’s opening few lines against Raptor in his first ever title defence were important. By the time he’d gotten to the punchline, he’d already sealed a bigger crowd reaction than his opponent would manage throughout his entire three rounds. But more than that, Soul’s simple accusation towards the crowd – that they had forgotten 27 […]

Freestyle Royal Rumble | #ForceItFriday

#ForceItFriday is the latest article addition to the Don’t Flop website; taking the battles close to reaching a milestone on our YouTube channel and getting them to reach it with your help!  Our first #ForceItFriday will be the infamous Freestyle Royal Rumble from Checkpoint 2’s After Party/Training Days 3/Eurgh’s Secret Birthday Bash which is sitting at about ~99,400 views. If you managed to […]

Drake – Summer Sixteen [New Song]

Listen to Drake’s latest track from his upcoming album ‘Views From The 6’ scheduled for April 2016 here… Lyrics to Summer Sixteen below: [Produced by Noah “40” Shebib, Boi-1da, Brian Bennett & Cubeatz] [Intro: Drake] Looking, looking Looking, looking Looking, looking Looking, looking Looking, looking [Hook: Drake] Looking for revenge All summer sixteen All summer […]