The Don’t Flop Twitter Account Has Been Verified

Don’t Flop Entertainment has been verified by Twitter. After more than five years of working through the social media giant, the league has been graced with a glistening blue tick. While the blue tick is largely symbolic of a brand or person’s ‘certified’ status, it does come with certain practical applications. Contact with other big […]

The Simpsons Are Entering Into The World Of Hip-Hop Next Season

Do The Bartman is probably the most hip-hop thing that The Simpsons has ever done to date – which tells you a lot about just how little overlap there’s been between the two cultural pillars. That’s all about to change in the show’s 28th season, as its executives have announced plans for a 60-minute hip-hop […]

Drake To Release ‘Please Forgive Me’ Short Film, With Music From ‘Views’

 Drake’s next short film, ‘Please Forgive Me,’ is coming soon! The film will include music from ‘Views.’ 10 hours ago on Instagram, Drake announced that he will soon be releasing a short film entitled ‘Please Forgive Me.’ He said that it will feature music from his latest album, Views. The first ‘Please Forgive Me’ screenshot he […]

Shotty Horroh Vs Arsonal Has Reached 9,000,000 Views!

Shotty Horroh Vs Arsonal has officially reached 9,000,000 views on the Don’t Flop Entertainment YouTube Channel! This clash has managed to reach an unimaginable milestone within battle rap, making it the most viewed English-speaking rap battle in history. Shotty Horroh from Manchester, UK has managed to rack up an amazing 17.6 million views within 16 battles, […]

Important Announcement

As many of our supporters have noticed, today the Don’t Flop YouTube account has been terminated without warning. We have been carefully dealing with the issue of a former employee submitting numerous fake copyright claims for a long period of time now, as we suspected that if left unresolved it may result in account termination. […]