Changing Days

10/11 months ago, Eurgh told me about an idea he had about splitting the Don’t Flop into 2 separate brands. One to focus on building up and comers and the smaller, more intimate events and the other to focus on the super-events like Checkpoint, Birthday and Rapping It Jaqq (the latter may vary).

Now we all know the Extra Channel was home to tryouts and battles that were not up to main channel standard.

The problem with that was that a lot of fans often ignored what was uploaded there – which is clear to see when you compare the average views between the 2 channels.

My main goal with Training Days was, and still is to get rid of that stigma and events like Next In Line, Rapping It Jaqq and Small Room Sessions 001, I feel that we’re going in the right direction. But I also believe that more needs to be done. Don’t Flop has been on a great run recently following the success of 8BW, and the Revival series, headed by Briggzy, bringing the buzz back up North for most of last year. And now with North Vs South, Checkpoint and the new KI140 league – things can only get better!

Training Days is key to the progress of Don’t Flop as that is where all tryouts will go through before reaching the main events. Don’t Flop is the biggest league in Europe. That FACT has stuck in my head for the last few months and I have developed a couple of changes with Training Days to make sure that every newcomer and bidding tryout realises that fact before stepping into the ring.

So here goes:

Applications will now only be acknowledged during the open window. There will be 2 windows for 2 tryout based events, one for South Division (which will be held at the TD Annual Big One “Next In Line”) and one for the North Division. If, for example, you are from the North but would rather tryout down South at the Next In Line event, you are more than welcome and vice versa. The Northern Tryout event will more than likely be in collaboration with Briggzy & Revival (see Revival 6).
I feel this way of managing tryouts will:
⦁ Motivate aspiring battlers to come prepared and ready to make an impact
⦁ Allow us to put more focus into developing those who get accepted and HEAVILY drop the risk of losing potential stars in the mix
⦁ Creates opportunities for more focus on progressing the battlers as individuals, and give the fans a clearer view of new talent – and who they want to follow
⦁ Gives newcomers a chance to build a relationship with the league as they have more space to suggest/liase instead of, again, being lost in the mix

One of the most dangerous things to our brand, both Training Days & Don’t Flop, is over saturation. We are not blind, nor are we deaf. We see/hear what fans say and it’s something we have taken on-board. Every league has battles that are just not up to standard, and we used to have the Demo Channel for them – but that became redundant and slowly over time, the Extra channel became the home for those battles.

We want BOTH channels to be home to top quality battles, regardless of how big the names featured are. The main channel will always be home to the best of the best, that’s a fact. But with Training Days, if a battle is not to a standard that I, and the team feel represents Don’t Flop as A WHOLE, then it will be vaulted. I cannot say it enough, Don’t Flop is the BIGGEST league in Europe and the third biggest in the world. We want nothing but the best for you as the viewers and for us as a company. We want every battler to believe they are up to that standard and prove it.

We are not asking you to be perform like Soul and Tony D from the get-go (although, that would be GREAT) – we are just asking battlers to come prepared and battle like they WANT to progress. We want commitment and for battlers to care about how they portray themselves and how they represent themselves. The same way we care about how we portray and represent the brand.

This change has been inspired solely by the positive direction Don’t Flop is moving at the moment – and is no way a passive aggressive change. These changes are to ensure that Training Days keeps the same ethos and evident ascension as the rest of the league.

We hope that these changes will not only motivate aspiring battlers to want to prove themselves and make sure they’re ready for their application and debut – but we want our existing battlers to be move with us and prove why they’re Don’t Flop battlers.

I, personally, want to bring excitement and competition into Training Days, and not just within the battles themselves.

Don’t let us down, we won’t let you down. It’s simple.

As always, I am thankful for the support people have shown Training Days for the last year or so, and for the support you’ve shown Don’t Flop for the last 8 years.
Checkpoint 4 is round the corner, people. So is Eurgh’s realisation that he is nearly 30.

Written by Danny Jaqq

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