Eurgh Clears Up The Confusion Over 8BW Tickets & Line-up

We just hit £2500 on Indigogo!

That’s 10% of our total goal reached, made up of kind donations from 33 of you. This is amazing news and its great to see the people engage with our ideas.

We meticulously drafted and redrafted the pitch but unfortunately there’s still been some confusion surrounding the campaign so I’ll clear it up now. We pride ourselves on always being by far the most upfront and honest league, and the main point of this new payment method was to be ultra-transparent as to our intentions with our fans’ money. We considered launching a Ticket Tailor as per usual but settled on crowdfunding as its another innovation, one which you can be sure to see similar leagues follow in the future.

Some people found issue with the concept of ‘raising money for an event that’s already being promoted’. Its not a huge Magician’s Secret that this is the normal way of operating; all your Checkpoints, Sunburns & Birthdays are all funded by the ticket sales for that specific event. I would love to tell you that all previous events’ ticket sales, PPVs & Merch sales pile into an untouched money mountain but they don’t. It all goes towards boring things that you don’t see.

Photo taken by Myles J. Burrell
Photo taken by Myles J. Burrell

We offered anybody paying £20 or over so much cool extra shit, but some of the promo was met with such unexplained hate that one fan’s comment took the words right out of my mouth: “Did anybody actually click the link?” – How people managed to twist being given more for the same amount of money than ever before, I will never understand.

The uncertainty of “What will the final line-up actually be?” and “Who will be on what day?” has caused some of you to hesitate so allow me to clarify:

Raptor Vs JC – This battle will not be happening. It was an idea both MCs liked and one that kicked off the fundraiser nicely. We were suddenly presented with the opportunity to lock Raptor Vs Gjonaj and I had to quickly make an executive call: Either decline and continue pushing a lesser popular option, or assume that the donors would rather have a confirmed battle which has been frequently requested, featuring another huge name. The announcement picture currently has over 600 likes and I’ve seen zero complaints, so it was the right decision.

Gemini Vs Swave Sevah – As of today, you can count this as confirmed. I’ve spoken to Gem, I’ve spoken to Swave, and we’re going to make it happen.

Soul Vs Illmaculate – We’re still working on this one. If it doesn’t happen at 8BW, we’ll shoot for it at a later date. Look out for updates because right now, we don’t know!

Tony D Vs Pat Stay – We gave our ‘eads a wobble *Korean Billy voice* and realised we had no option but to confirm this for the sake of our own sanity and not getting egged in the street. Its too good to pass up and we can’t think of a better event to do it at. Yes, this battle will definitely be going down. Side note: this battle also happens to be expensive as fuck, so please buy our groceries for the month of November at least.

Raptor Vs Gjonaj!

I apologise for editing the write ups in a rush and ruining the buzz of properly announcing Charron Vs Chilla Jones and Mr Re Vs Big T, but thanks to the hawk eyed fans amongst you noticing immediately, yeah, these bangers are also going down.

We’ve put normal Early Bird tickets on sale and moved over the best £20-£250 perks too. Everybody who’s donated to the Indigogo up will receive all of the perks that were advertised but from now onwards, its only for those of you who would like to donate and help us out even though you cannot attend, or for those of you who wish to purchase larger £500+ packages.

Nothing changes for the artists; they still get their performance fees, accommodation, & travel. Bagnall’s still going to rent some sick lenses. Tom Wells is still going to design some sick online promo material and get trolled by me on ViewPoint for no reason.

I’ve learned from the last couple of weeks that our next Indiegogo should just focus on one big battle like Lunar C Vs Shotty Horroh instead of a full event. If we raise the money it happens, if we don’t raise the money, it doesn’t. Nothing long. I’ve still got faith that Don’t Flop can make this format work.


For the full 4 day event line up and tickets, visit

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