Fans Review: 8BW

Well, we absolutely smashed it this weekend. From the Friday pre-party event to the after-party yesterday evening, what a weekend! Is 9BW really a year away?

There has been quite a few birthday run downs posted on VP over the course of the weekend so I thought what better way to fill you in on the action than from a fans perspective. Here’s VP member Rob Grahams take.

I’m gutted the weekend is over so I wanna write one:

Juan vs O’Shea – The chanting for O’shea before it started kicked the event off so well. Can’t wait to see that back on cam. Bet my mate a drink before it started Juan would win but edged it to O’shea. One of the best battles of the weekend definitely.

Marlo vs Ogmios – Also part of aforementioned bet was that Marlo would beat Og, but I edged this to Og. His rounds were noticeably a lot longer than Marlo’s and Marlo broke him down really well but felt Og had 3 solid rounds and for me Marlo’s 1st wasn’t as strong as his next two.

Ark vs Danja Zone – I gave this one comfortably to Ark. He was really on it and had some great material.

Charron vs Chilla Jones – Most people I spoke to thought Chilla won but I don’t get that. Some of his stuff was decent but his stuff was so reachy to me. His UK cities scheme was very bad IMO. Charron was quality though and his rebuttals were incredible.

Soul vs Quill – Quill had so much energy and was barking out his stuff. Had some great stuff about him carrying the league. Thought to myself when he finished that Soul was gonna have to be very good to beat him… and he was. He’s just daft… I struggle to comprehend how good he is sometimes. People will enjoy watching this battle.

Raptor vs Gjonaj – Never been a fan of Gjonaj cos his voice does my nut in a bit but I was blown away by him. His presence is crazy. He was absolutely shouting his material out. He had verrrrrry short rounds, but there was no filler. Raptor was back to his best but I just edged it to Gjonaj. Probs my fave battle of the weekend.

Dialect vs Math – More than decent considering the prep time. Dialect had some stumbles but understandable. I’d give it to Math, was surprised at how good he was actually.

Tony D vs Pat Stay – The battle I was looking forward to the most of the whole weekend…. And I missed it. I was just absolutely out of it by this point. Far too tired and had to go back to the hotel. Slept for 9 hours straight and felt great today.

Shonda vs Zain – Was exactly what people would expect it to be. Zain had some vulgar shit but then also some decent stuff too. Shonda broke him down on his character. Had a nice Drake reference at beginning of the 2nd that I really liked. Can’t really pick a winner tbh because obviously Shonda had better material but Zain probs had more crowd reaction as an entertainer.

Innuendo vs Dunn D – Definitely one of the battles of the weekend. So good from both. Gave Innuendo the 1st, Dunn the 2nd and 3rd comes down to preference. Gave it Innuendo. Hopefully not the last we see of him.

Bobby vs Dank – Even with Bobby having lost his voice, came through and barked his stuff out as you’d expect. Complete style clash. Think whoever your winner is from this battle is just down to preference cos they both did what they do best. Didn’t speak to anyone who didn’t have it 2-1. I personally gave it to Dank.

Charron vs J Short – Both incredibly talented freestylers. Probs the 2 best I’ve seen. I really rate J’s ability but I think Charron is just slightly better. He’s absolute bonkers.

Soul and Pedro vs Chilla Jones and Danja Zone – Both sides had some good material. Pedro’s freestyles were exactly what you’d hope for. The roasting of Soul’s boots was just so funny that i’d have to give to Chilla Zone.

Mr. Re vs Big T – Mr. Re had a crazy punch count. Bar after bar. He was on top form, but Big T was so entertaining, the crowd were so behind him and he had enough bars to win IMO.

Danny Pandolfi posted his highlights..

On a coach home. Amazing weekend. Here’s some personal memorable highlights.

The Leeds crowd singing Oshea’s name for 3 minutes in unison over the 8BW theme song. Mr Don’t Flop.

Tom Kwei interviewing Math Hoffa. Tom asks Math about his merch sales and asks if he’d ever sell slippers like Chilla Jones.

Raptor (Mr “I’d hit a bitch again) going in on Dank Schrader for taking the title from him of worst battle rap flip ever.

Zain Azrai getting 7 reloads for saying Ri-HANNAH.

Oh, and there were a bunch of great battles too. #8BW#DFAFD

David Grimaldi said

So 8BW.

Day 1. It’s mad to think a Shox, Lu Cipher and a Gem battle were cancelled, cause the day was stacked! The battles were all so consistently good aswell. Not gonna break down battles, I’ll let you catch the PPV.

Day 2. Sick vibe today. I love the smaller events cause it’s usually a more ‘seasoned’ crowd and always a great atmosphere.

Dunn D vs Innuendo was a day 2 battle, and might be my fave of the weekend, it was that good. Hard to call cause I really enjoyed Osh/Juan and Raptor/Gjonaj aswell but Dunn/Innuendo was so punch heavy and had a Korean Billy bar so…

Shouts to KXVU, banger after banger as usual

Shout outs the whole DF team, top weekend.

Dom Baugh..

Absolute madness of a weekend. The atmosphere of both Leeds days were sick.
Battle of the weekend for me: Dunn D vs Innuendo (Raptor vs Gjonaj was also incredible and I keep switching between both battles). To say it was my second event is mad and defo going to go to more events in 2017. Apart from a couple bumbaclarts the crowd was amazing and lively all weekend and made the vibe of the event great. Oh yeah what’s this about Don’t Flop falling off? #DFAFD can’t wait to watch it back on PPV

Conner Gardner..

Mad love to the staff and the stewarding team this weekend, each person played their part to put on a hectic 3 days. Love to the fans that turned out to bring such a good vibe to every day. And finally to the battlers for putting on a show for each and everyone of us. Cop the PPV trust me it’s worth it. Hope everyone got home safe last night, till the next time


The PPV is out now featuring Raptor vs Gjonaj, Pat Stay vs Tony D & more! Watch here.



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