Lush One Joins Forces With FilmOn.TV

King of the Dot’s Lush One recently announced that he will be forming a partnership with FilmOn.TV to produce an online TV channel dedicated to battle rap. In a recent interview, Lush One said, “Basically, what FilmOn and the Fresh Coast Media Group pretty much encompasses is just everything we’ve been doing but presented with a higher level of quality.”

FilmOn.TV is an internet-based television service which allows remote viewing local TV worldwide. Founded in 2006 and launched in the UK in January 2009, FilmOn licenses more than 600 channels from both the UK and the US including broadcasting giants such as BBC and FOX. In addition, have licenses to over 90,000 video-on-demand titles and stream their own content.

The bold move represents a major coup for Fresh Coast Media Group who will be able to get their content out to a larger audience than ever before. It also represents a huge win for the battle rap industry in general, showing that growth in demand for diverse and high quality content in a scene that keeps on evolving.

“We’re taking everything to a greater level of professionalism and deeper pockets behind the budgets and everything,” Lush One said. “It’s just on a higher level.”

“We got some crazy new big events with shit that’s gonna blow your mind.”

Fresh Coast Media Group will have a constant live streaming channel which you can view by going to where they will be showcasing veterans such as Dizaster, Illmaculate and The Saurus as well as exciting up and coming emcees who, if given a break, will be able to get more exposure than ever before.

With the recent Total Slaughter mega event, and now the announcement of this deal, it is an exciting time for everyone involved in battle rap as the top names capitalise on the booming interest. And there promises to be many more exciting developments in the near future.

Words by Marcus Bernard
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