Boozetown and Rapping It Park Weekend Preview

In the post-apocalyptic aftermath of Summer Standard, it seems vaguely redundant to try and throw another massive event at our poor, unassuming faces. We can’t take it. It’s going to be epic enough watching the videos back, let alone having to deal with more. Don’t Flop are leaving the earth-shattering match-ups for Autumn, and rightly […]

The #LewyDanielsCup Vol.1 [Highlights]

Highlights from the recent #LewyDanielsCup, a football match put together by Mr 13 & Lewy Chino featuring the likes of Don’t Flop Champ Tony D, LockSmyth, BodyBagnall, Villun, Quill, JokerStarr and many more. Follow @Firts and @L_Chin0 on Twitter to keep up to date on the upcoming 2nd edition of the cup. Also follow Psychs […]

Mos Prob’s Summer Standard Review

Saturday 12:30PM: On a tar-meltingly warm weekend, behind a car wash in Brixton, the first rumblings of the most important UK vs UK battle event this year were felt. The first spectators were queueing up. Most of the battlers were cheerfully deriding each other and discussing the day to come. Bleek was very loudly and […]