Shuffle-T Breaks Down Don’t Flop Australia

I’ve travelled distant lands and have explored the farthest corners of the earth. They were cool. I now have a tale to tell.

Basically – Australia should be well and truly back on everybody’s radars after the last event. DF oz was a triumph. I’ll go through a couple of the highlights.

First of all – it was amazing to see Joe Snow out there. Forgot how funny he was and he put on a sick show for everyone as the opening battle against Kaotik. Both were great but Joe probably edged it. Definitely worth catching when it comes out.

Photo by Josh Stebbing
Photo by Josh Stebbing

Vega vs Aerows

A cracking clash. Aerows has a great delivery and has some nice punch lines (multi) and Vega, who has only had about 4 battles so far, was amazing. Especially for being in his relative infancy in battling. Both have great personas or battling as well. Vega is a very honest performer and put his own character into his performance – for me that is honestly one of the most vital traits that any performer can possess to put on a strong show. Definitely watch this battle as solid evidence of Aus’ new and established talent.

Boss Baker vs Dunks

A proper good style clash. Dunks has a great stage presence and uses wordplay intelligently. Really feels like he belongs on a stage and took the battle as a ‘break down’ opponent, which was a sensible move. He did a good job of it. Boss baker has a really interesting, stoic approach. Very still and contained whilst also having a lot of funny content, exaggerated by the static delivery. Another good one to watch.

Creepy J vs Myles Murphy

Creepy J is a real talent. A very funny guy who has echoes of Decay in his animated delivery. A great grasp of structure and comedic timing as well as a real ability to make the most out of every line and not just the punch. Myles Murphy was also present. One sided battle but definitely worth it to familiarise yourself with Creepy, who is a real credit to the Aussie sense of humour.

Photo by Josh Stebbing
Photo by Josh Stebbing

Jiburish vs Kryptic

This was a real interesting one. Kryptic’s character is built around being hated and he really utilises this well. He said after the battle that his aim was to get booed and he nearly achieved it. With a lot of bars aimed at Jib’s Mauri race, there were lots of moments where people wondered if they could laugh or not. These are some of my favourite moments as race bars tend to divide a room. I think there’s no real line on these but of course, there are as many differing opinions as there are people watching. Jiburish had a great set of funny material and I think it was a very even match if the audience is taken out of the equation.

BK Ultra vs Manaz Ill

Easily the battle of the night – rebuttals mid-round, hilarious material from both ends, brilliant delivery and, importantly, an underlying camaraderie and history between the two, heightening the tension and the humour. Well worth watching.

Purpose vs Lu Cipher

Incredible one rounder. Both guys put on for the crowd and themselves. A lot or aggression between the two and clever wordplay with more ‘Purp’ name flips than you could shake a dick at. That’s right a dick. Great battle. Universal appeal. Both on form.

Shuffle-T vs Dunn D

I can only speak as someone involved in this battle but I’ve got to say I think Dunn had an incredible performance. He’s probably one of the most comfortable people on stage I’ve seen. I’m not exaggerating. It was a pleasure to battle him. His ‘prison bully’ style approach is, again, just his natural demeanour coming through in his presence. I can see him performing in the UK and Canada soon and garnering a real global following. I think it was also one of my best performances. I did another concept round for the opening and tried to keep my stuff as fresh as I could. I’m really proud of this battle and hope everyone who watches it finds it difficult to pick who entertained them more.

Photo by Josh Stebbing
Photo by Josh Stebbing

In short. Amazing event. Everyone involved should be proud. I see only good things happening for the scene in Australia. It’s brimming with developing and developed talent and is at a level now which is set to expand and re-establish itself among the other powerhouses of battling around the world.

5 stars.

Written by Adam Woollard

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