Sleep When You’re Dead 2 – JShort [EP] | Review + Stream/Download Link!

Sleep When You're Dead 2

When it comes to JShorts back catalogue of battles, its an anomaly for any of his opponents to go their full three-rounds without addressing the Mancunian emcees freestyle ability.

The mans ability to think on his feet is unquestionable, so up until now it made a lot of sense that freestyling is the first thing that we associate with JShort. His new EP is about to change that, as long as the fans will listen.

The second instalment in JShorts Sleep When Youre Dead series opens with All Day, a track which begins with a flow reminiscent of Eminem on Evil Deeds before transitioning into a repetitive refrain a lot more like todays typical trap chorus.

Photo by Ollie Buchanan
Photo by Ollie Buchanan

All Day is a solid two-minute warm up that gives way to four tracks of pure savagery. The second track Yours opens with what is perhaps the most incisive line of the EP – Im awkward at family functions, 24 and dont know how a normal family functions.

Yours is the CDs stand-out track along with the song that follows, 30 Hours. Between the two, JShort achieves something that so many mainstream rappers still cant – he makes smithereens of the wall between rapping about drugs or crime and rapping about real life.

The final two tracks continue the albums intimacy and the closer, TalkinTo God features the gem – I never asked you for nothing so why me? Why have you always gotta try me? – a sentiment as well-articulated as it is deeply relatable.

Photo by Ollie Buchanan
Photo by Ollie Buchanan

In that sense, Sleep When Youre Dead 2 isnt the kind of record youll put on when youre ready to party – its the record you put on when the party is over and you need to have a long, hard think about your life. JShorts new record is catharsis over chaos – something that we all need to hear, but is all-too-rare in rap music.

Written by Carl Kinsella




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