Soul Vs Quill [FULL LYRICS]


Man I miss them good old days, when Tone was the champ,
Or before Soul was banned and Osh was the champ,
I mean back in April was last time you was around spitting,
Raptor you should ask the crowd for forgiveness,
Cos you allowed the title, to stay with someone,
Who hasn’t won a battle in… 260 thousand minutes.
Getting the silliness out the way early,
This isn’t going to go how your last battle ended,
Infact I hope Raptor isn’t mentioned,
Cos title or not this the first time you really gonna have to defend it.
Before the title, everything was looking so rosey,
Oh, now it’s looking so ropey,
Soul you’re phoney,
You not as convincing on the throne as Tony,
and Rowan showed me,
This time he sent you the coffin with a ghost emoji,
163 cm tall,
Off the top Soul is already 6ft below me.
It’s been another good year Don’t Flop, I been working hard,
And yeah I made mistakes,
But what did he do defend his title? Oh is that it? He’s been playing it safe,
He’s a champion for himself before he’s a champion for you,
What who’s been making champion moves?
Blackout, World Dom, you should have been on those planes with me,
But whilst you contempt with being champion, I became the face of the league.
What are we saying though Leeds?
I went abroad and, had to broaden shoulders,
I carried Don’t Flop and rightfully at some point the fans got on my back,
As for Blizzard I’m sorry I stand by my decision, sometimes it’s like that,
But for MyVerse I hold my hands up, thats my bad,
But this ain’t one of those ‘Oh I wish I could reverse time and go back’
Cos whilst he was at home polishing his belt, mans been out here flying the flag.
He isn’t right for the throne,
Apart from the international guys that have flown,
I went out and represented for everyone in this fucking building,
Twice, on my own.
So what kind of position, do you think you’re in to be dissing me?
For not spitting against Blizzard, when I been putting in the work that you didn’t,
You done an Andy Murray on us, are you fucking kidding,
You went to World Dom and represented Scotland,
When I go I’m representing Britain,
Now if Soul had that scheme he be putting everything in to perspective,
Like if it’s only Scotland you representing,
Everyone on YouTube you been forgetting
Everyone in this room have been neglected
Bagnall, Cruger been neglected,
Eurgh, Lunar, Heretic,
Callum Boom and shut the fuck up.
Especially when the disrespect don’t stop,
How has Organik given you four chances to introduce yourself and not once have you mentioned Don’t Flop?
Caught slipping and you fell Soul,
How you gonna throw away your support? You should get a people’s elbow.
You can have the title but not be the people’s champ,
You lost to Chris Leese in fact, are you having a right laugh,
But it’s cool ‘It’s Soul’ he’s going to recover quick like an ice bath,
Nope that didn’t happen quite fast, in fact it worsened as time passed.
You choked against Caustic, then left to brew like a builders tea,
Now where are you whilst Shox been grinding? Go ahead spill the beans,
You disappeared to handle the loss,
Meanwhile I’m reaching out for my goals like the hand of God,
Gemin1 been proving he’s been a animal on top, since Panda Pops.
Gary Lineker behaviour, oh he has not been seen on a card.
And now he need an ego massage,
Acting like a diva, yeah he been a Minaj,
Whilst I put in Katie Piper work, oh I been on the graft.
You need to be dethroned, ain’t worthy of Tony D’s throne,
Reminds me of a little kid wearing his daddy’s business suit,
‘Aww, it’s so cute’
Even with the belt, you couldn’t wear the trousers or walk his shoes.
You was sick against Cee Major and Raptor, it’s outside of the title your performances are having a real issue,
Granted you can bar bruh, but those wins are the only reason we feel Mitchell,
The punches I land lord, you getting barred by me Soul,
Yeah I’m dropping soap bars, he’s dropping bars of soap,
Can’t rap with me Soul, rap with me Soul,
Drop him, quicker, top spin,
We are not the same don,
I’ll put a knife in to sole like James Bond,
Flame on, go ahead start spitting a list of battlers names that’s forever long,
Like I’m supposed to owe something to the whatever crop,
Acting like the new wave is a fell off crop,
Like the last 2 years haven’t been me, Raptor, Shuffle, Gem and Shox,
But you from that golden era? Stop,
I look around and… I guess you’re from the not to be here forever crop,
Going on like our current roster won’t last,
Yeah Lunar and Grist paved the way,
But we’ve taken our own path,
So how’s he so patronising when this con descending,
Oh and Danny Jaqq had a better year than our champion I almost forgot to mention,
I’m from that Callum Boom, Eek and Gibbo crop,
Didn’t mention my name in that scheme because he respect me,
Now the crop top, yeah I see the belly.
I been training, you know Rocky 3
Running along the beach,
Or knocking speed bags with Apollo Creed.
Now I’m a lock jaw to handle my biz,
If the title’s on the line then I’m grabbing that shit,
And I’m not the type that let’s go champ, Shannon Briggs,
I didn’t even want the title yet,
But Trump’s become President and I’m not sure how much time we have left…
I had one of the best Webhams of the year,
On beat you still need to prove you’re killer Jed,
We waiting for you to bring history through the booth like Bill and Ted.
But you got throwaway bars and that’s why you get your tape hurled,
Cos ain’t no body playing your rap CD in the car unless its Wayne’s World.
I ain’t gonna go in on your relationship with your girl cos my heart sank from the story,
How you whipped for a long distance like Frankie Detori,
But I’ll give you some advice, so you ain’t got to fly, every time you want to be hitting that,
Before you swiping your finger to match you can lower the distance on the Tinder App.
Oh? You did? My bad…
Now they saying beating Soul on paper can’t be done,
Like we hand Eurgh our lyrics, he marks it and tells us who’s won,
Now I don’t wanna mention names but other than Og and Ark,
Our champion is the least active battler on this card,
So what has this year taught us?
You’ve heard the story about the tortoise and the hare right?
Talk what you like about the road that I went by,
When it took me from your rear view to your head lights.
Swatter, I’m dead fly.
You’re so fucking boring, I miss the old Soul,
When you punched Caustic in the face clean like you was Klitchko,
No I saw it, it was the lightest fist thrown,
Handing out weaker punch than my primary school disco.
Try that with me, gaffa tape, decapitate him,
Head in the fridge like Patrick Bateman.


They saying too many clashes like this, are gonna fuck our channel,
I mean shit, this ain’t even the first time me Vs Quill a one-round battle,
Cause Quill… it’s time I told you the actual truth,
I did write one round when you battled Suus,
You edged the first and the third, and in the second round he battered you,
Black and blue, which one you think I’ve wrote, I’ll leave that to you.
So some said he wasn’t gonna show up, and I ain’t even gonna mug ’em,
Cause to be perfectly honest, it’s a pretty reasonable assumption.
Its predictable, but with Quill, there ain’t a boatload of angles,
Now I’m not saying you’re the first person to no-show a battle,
But you might be the first person to no show a battle,
Then turn up to the event, and watch the whole show of battles.
Now to those hopeful fans, that’s a low blow,
That ain’t even a no show that’s a show up then go home,
Why? Eurgh booked a bus to take him home and then,
He said he wanted a train, so he fucked the whole event,
Tell this miiddle tier diva, that this his owed revenge,
Cause you got a train to this battle… Just to get coached again.
You even ducked your clash against MyVerse,
This a 1 rounder, you should have done the same against MyVerse,
Cause he cancelled at the venue Vs Blizzard, that ain’t very cold,
Same against MyVerse, no excuse he just never wrote,
Back then you were getting asked, right now you’re getting told,
To face this YouTube sensation just take this Ellen Show.
That’s the bad news Quill, ya death drew near,
In fact it’s all bad news, but this the best news dear,
You so desperate for a train well when I end you here,
You’re headlining Training Days for the next 2 years.
He pissed off his friends, now he’s shit on the bed, I power slam him,
He power napping, I’ll rip off his head,
Its bound to happen, I’m down to lap him, or pit stop instead,
Jump out and scrap him, I’m down for action like Big Body Bes,
Its counteractive, I live off ya death, this coward shat it
He off Bolton, like Jon Snow when Rickon was dead,
Even Kim Jong’s impressed with this kid from the west,
Frankenstein’s Lab design, I think Shox’s next.
Black Sabbath, eat a bat sandwich, the stage what I’m rocking,
Or act savage, I’m Pan’s Labyrinth, what you facing’s eye popping.
So if Quill that’s the way he writ, in faded ink,
I’m Gabriel’s wing faintly dipped in the blood of an Atheist,
Jot my raps on a pagan skin, body bag who they babying,
Probably ask them to save him *chh* copy that like a plagiarist.
I’m omnitalented, cater to all the fans that have paid who,
Can watch it back with there mates and then probably catch what they maybe missed,
Brought a faggot who lately abroad been actin this shady,
And gotten trashed by Canadians, c’mon family don’t take the piss.
I’m bout to go on another beheading streak,
You about to catch me in the middle of it like STD’s and Fresher’s week.
Probably get stage fright, you get murdered on the same night,
Funny how Quill won’t see the Necks/next Daylyt.
So cross the line get ostracised, I’m sick of all your pompous lies,
Don’t want title shot in private, then fronts it’s what he wants online,
Treat him like a founding father, they offered guy what was mine,
And Quill ain’t have the constitution to want to sign the dotted line.
Eurgh, these lot turn down the shot when you given it to them ain’t it,
Then jump up lying on Twitter like you would take it,
So Quill, Gem, Shox, Dubs, bring ’em ya knew I’d break ’em,
I’m killing off these contenders quicker than you can make them.
Cause I’m the man thats got the thing these bitches wanna chase,
I’ll turn Macellus Wallace, to the gimp that’s in a cage,
Who they says “golden for Soul”, to “convince into/con vincent to” this place,
But he get beaten to a pulp, it’s fiction in this case,
But you weren’t even in the running so your whinging is a waste,
You’re play Monsieur Candi, cause if thinks I’ll be unchained,
Then he must have bumped his skull, if thinks he’s in the race,
And you ain’t even got a brand so get that shit up out my face.
I’m as sick of this as you are, up here bodying rivals,
Who wanna battle the champ… but not for the title,
What happens when I leave, it’s this a concept you actually haven’t grasped,
Do you want Danny Jaqq as a champ? Cause this is how you get Danny Jaqq as the champ.
But I guess it’s a tough sell, when he bitched it Blizzard,
Ran to Canada, then got killed by Illipsis,
You didn’t get much love, I guess they took less to ya,
Looked shaky with the triple dot like Facebook Messenger.
But you said you Resident Evil, save the game that type of writer, still, ill
Soul & Tony, S class, and T-Virus skills,
You spent your time writing bars, you should have spent it writing wills,
Cause I ain’t here for an orderly face off like Silent Hill.
He float like a butterfly? I’m the killing jar,
You got a Micky mouse following and shitty bars,
I’ve got a Micky mouse following cause if we spar,
I use my key for a blade like Kingdom Hearts.
So how can you compare us in the way that we grind,
12 hour coaches, 6 hour trains and 8 hour flights,
He get a 4 hour bus and he ain’t able to rhyme,
You’re a waste of my talent, and a waste of their time,
I bussed to London, Bristol, Brighton from a place up in Fife,
Had to pay my own travel, had to take what was mine,
Bruv you’re from London, swing a stick and hit a place you can rhyme,
You got a pack on your back, I got a fucking nation on mine.
So what? You’re a big deal cause you’re Clips martyr,
He was absolutely trash since Raptor – Vince Carter,
You are nothing, not a patch on ill – Big pharma,
This is someone who fills card vs 15 bags the kick starter.

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