Shotty Horroh Vs Arsonal Has Reached 9,000,000 Views!

Shotty Horroh Vs Arsonal has officially reached 9,000,000 views on the Don’t Flop Entertainment YouTube Channel! This clash has managed to reach an unimaginable milestone within battle rap, making it the most viewed English-speaking rap battle in history. Shotty Horroh from Manchester, UK has managed to rack up an amazing 17.6 million views within 16 battles, […]

What Happened This Week (02/12/13)

Before any of the battling hijinx of the week get discussed, a hearty R.I.P. needs to be issued in the direction of Paul Walker, whose friend’s driving skills got him wrapped around a lamppost in a Porsche this weekend. I was never a fan of his acting, but from what is known he was a […]

Tsu Surf Announced For Upcoming UW Mega Event

After recently announcing possibly the biggest battle in the history of the sport, Arsonal and UW have just dropped a new announcement, this time featuring Newark representative and popular URL veteran Tsu Surf But against who? My money is on Hitman Holla. Who do you want to see him face?!