What Happened This Week (30/12/13)

First up, an apology straight to the face. The blog’s been looking barren and kind of upset the last week and a bit. This is a result of my being stretched out with all sorts of infections and nasties. On Christmas Day I threw up in my hand and fell down the stairs. So now […]

DON DEUTSCHMARKO: Battle Rap in Germany

Hip Hop is a huge, multi-limbed, ever-changing beast, and part of the joy of being part of it is hearing or seeing things that are entirely different yet intrinsically on the same wavelength. The Internet has cemented this on a global scale. We have free, unlimited access to leagues like Basementality and FlipTop – both […]

John John Explains Fight With Hollow Da Don

This weekend a fight broke out between Hollow Da Don and John John Da Don at a UW Battle League event. John John explains his side of the story on how he originally met Hollow, and what’s happened over the past few years between the two of them leading up to the fight. Subscribe to […]

Goodbye, Set The Standard. The Official STSX Review

BEFORE WE START. This review does contain spoilers, so if you don’t want to ruin the battles for yourself, it’s probably best you stop reading here. So, that’s it then. Bam’s hugely successful STS series winds down to a close. When you think about it, STS has not only given us some of the biggest […]

What Happened This Week (09/12/13)

Before we have a look at the battles this week, there’s an issue that’s screaming to be addressed. Well, not screaming, but at least prodding me in the back of the head, trolling me into action. Arkaic is, slowly but surely, turning into me. It started with the hair. It’s fine, I told myself. Loads […]