Overtime In Battle Rap: Bring It Back?

“Three rounds on Terrifying Rapper Murderer, ninety seconds, no OT, let’s go!” It was but a few years ago that many battles would kick off in this fashion. At the very least, a point had to be made of excluding that mortifying overtime round of clunky freestyles or a haphazardly prepared ‘just in case’ verse. […]

What Happened This Week (02/12/13)

Before any of the battling hijinx of the week get discussed, a hearty R.I.P. needs to be issued in the direction of Paul Walker, whose friend’s driving skills got him wrapped around a lamppost in a Porsche this weekend. I was never a fan of his acting, but from what is known he was a […]

The Promo Paradox: Mos Prob Discusses Promo Battling

At the birthday weekend it dawned on many of the spectators, myself included, that the vast majority of battles were unjudged. There were mixed feelings about it too: some felt that it was cowardly and lazy on the part of the American/Canadian contingent, others felt that it helped the day run smoother without the punctuation […]

Mos Prob Talks Proposal, What Happened This Week (26/11/13)

What a crazy week. I’ve written out a little addendum to last week’s roundup about this ‘viral’ malarkey people keep talking to me about (not a clue what they mean, I was tested very recently) so if you’re interested in who I have to thank, keep reading after the final full stop. The battles, as […]