#ForceItFriday: Lady Shocker Vs Raptor Warhust [Grime Clash]

Welcome to #ForceItFriday – our new weekly addition to the website. The series will be focusing on battles that are close to a specific milestone, be it 1 hundred thousand views or 1 million views, we will be adding a new one for you to check out every Friday! To launch it officially, the first […]

The Simpsons Are Entering Into The World Of Hip-Hop Next Season

Do The Bartman is probably the most hip-hop thing that The Simpsons has ever done to date – which tells you a lot about just how little overlap there’s been between the two cultural pillars. That’s all about to change in the show’s 28th season, as its executives have announced plans for a 60-minute hip-hop […]

Drake To Release ‘Please Forgive Me’ Short Film, With Music From ‘Views’

 Drake’s next short film, ‘Please Forgive Me,’ is coming soon! The film will include music from ‘Views.’ 10 hours ago on Instagram, Drake announced that he will soon be releasing a short film entitled ‘Please Forgive Me.’ He said that it will feature music from his latest album, Views. The first ‘Please Forgive Me’ screenshot he […]

BAD BARS 8: Rizzle Kicks, Lunar C, Bagnall and Heretic Break Down Rap Music’s Most Hilariously Awful Lyrics

Since its inception in 2014, Bad Bars has been a beloved voice of reason speaking out against battle rap’s most preposterous lyrics. With Bad Bars 8, Bagnall and co. have taken a diversion and cast their critical eyes over bad bars from industry rappers who have made millions in the mainstream by offering such pearls […]

DON DEUTSCHMARKO: Battle Rap in Germany

Hip Hop is a huge, multi-limbed, ever-changing beast, and part of the joy of being part of it is hearing or seeing things that are entirely different yet intrinsically on the same wavelength. The Internet has cemented this on a global scale. We have free, unlimited access to leagues like Basementality and FlipTop – both […]

What Happened This Week (02/12/13)

Before any of the battling hijinx of the week get discussed, a hearty R.I.P. needs to be issued in the direction of Paul Walker, whose friend’s driving skills got him wrapped around a lamppost in a Porsche this weekend. I was never a fan of his acting, but from what is known he was a […]