Goodbye, Set The Standard. The Official STSX Review

BEFORE WE START. This review does contain spoilers, so if you don’t want to ruin the battles for yourself, it’s probably best you stop reading here. So, that’s it then. Bam’s hugely successful STS series winds down to a close. When you think about it, STS has not only given us some of the biggest […]

5th Birthday Weekend Review

My My first impression of the venue on Saturday was Most-Other-Kids-At-Christmas level excitement, with a slight diversion via extreme nausea. The rest of the staff were frantically getting merchandise ready, the venue was already spilling over with human beings and all three tiers of the building were about as noisy and expectant as a woman […]

What Happened This Week (21/10/13)

So, the third week ever is upon us. Feelings were hurt, words were said, and every man parted ways with a gruff handshake. Some really cool pictures of dogs hit the forum, Eurgh hatched a plan for everyone to be friends and there have been unconfirmed reports of Cracker being ‘confident’ in public. Eurgh showed […]

Mos Prob Reviews STS9, The Penultimate Set The Standard

On a tar-meltingly warm weekend in… ah. Sorry. The last Set the Standard is still with me. How Bam even tried to follow up that event is a mystery to me – it set the bar incredibly high and the reactions to its uploads have shown the battles in the light they should be. Essentially […]